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Tobias Nagel (born 1977 in Dresden) is a passionate Designer and Photographer. He draws his inspiration from the somehow opposite qualities of these two disciplines. If design is concerned with the future, a photograph is always an instant of the past. Both disciplines unite the necessity for a curious and critical perspective upon the things that surround us.
For the past 20 years Tobias has travelled the globe extensively, combining his job as a Vehicle and Product Designer with his constant search for motives. After spending a year in Finland, two years in the UK and almost 14 years in Japan, he is now based in Munich, Germany, where he lives with his wife and his daughter. 
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Photography to me is more than just a form of documentation. It's rather a particular way of looking at things and the world around you. Hence, the camera itself is much more than just a capturing device. Its your alibi, your weapon, your excuse, your microscope, your compass, your pause button... all depending on the context. Below you'll find a taste of my works.



Good design is less about fulfilling expectations than it is about facilitating a fresh perspective on things. Design is a proactive investigation on the nature of objects and processes.

Here is a brief glimpse into my works as a Product and Vehicle Designer.


Professional Scope

Vehicle Design

Graphic Design

Industrial Design

Branding & Innovation Strategy


Design Research

Lecturing & Creative Facilitation

Team & Project Management

Product Planning & Conception


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